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A huge auditory games and activity compendium, comprising of 18 auditory adventure games! Targets 21 specific auditory processing skills including Auditory Association, Auditory Discrimination, Auditory Memory, Auditory Reception. Games include: Sound Planets; Speedy Spider Speedway; Hearing Hayride; Toy Shop Auditory Bingo; Listening Lotto; Sound Snack Shack & Barrier Barn; Sound Slide; What's the Buzz? etc. More information below.

This innovative all-in-one auditory tool kit takes the form of 18 interesting adventure games for 1-6 players aged 4-11. Addresses 21 specific auditory processing skills.

  • Auditory Association - absurdities, action-agent, analogies, closure, if-then, inferences, listening for main ideas, opposites, name the category.
  • Auditory Discrimination – initial sounds, final sounds, identifying initial sounds, rhyming, sound blending, syllable awareness.
  • Auditory Memory - following directions, listening for details, memory for words, short sentences and long sentences.
  • Auditory Reception - yes/no questions.
  • Includes: 8 open-ended games, e.g. Field of Ears, Sound Planets, Speedy Spider Speedway etc
  • 2 specific game boards - Hearing Hayride and Andy's Toy Shop Auditory Bingo
  • Listening Lotto game boards, in sets of 6
  • 2 barrier games - Sound Snack Shack and Barrier Barn (sets of 6)
  • 4 open-ended token games - Hear Muffs, Sally's Sound Sail Around, Sonic Sound Slide and What's the Buzz? (sets of 6)
  • 108-page activity book with ready-to-go auditory activities and reproducible task sheets
  • six packs of crayons
  • 200+ tokens and die.

Game boards are either 22x28cm or 28x43cm.

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