Back to School: Kits for Every Sensation!

For some pupils, the thought of interaction or obstacles within the classroom creates fear and dread.

As we approach the new academic year, we have assembled kits designed to enhance the educational journey in schools by engaging multiple senses, from tactile textures to captivating visuals and immersive sounds.

Our sensory kits offer a holistic approach to learning that sparks curiosity, fosters focus, and ignites the joy of exploration.

See our new additions below!

UV Go With The Glow Kit

Within this kit, you'll discover a range of UV-reactive objects and materials, each selected to engage and captivate the senses in innovative ways.

Whether it's exploring the mesmerising glow of UV-reactive toys, feeling the textures of UV tactile resources, or immersing in the calming ambience of UV lighting - if you love the glow, it's a perfect bundle of sensory goodness!

Sandsations Kit

Messy Play never felt so good! Experience the tactile goodness of Smooshy Sand and Magic-Elasti Sand in our Tuff Tray for maximum stimulation and minimum mess. 

A great way of encouraging tactile play with a visual element, ensuring a fun and calming activity for ultimate relaxation.

Visual Voyager Kit

For anyone who enjoys visual stimulation - this is the perfect collection! 

With our Visual Voyager Kit, immerse yourself in a symphony of colours with the Infinity Lights Mirror, gaze upon our glow-in-the-dark stars, watch the Spotty Spinner Ball change colours and glow, and squish our Play Foam for endless multi-coloured fun.

Soundscapes Kit

Unveil a world of auditory wonder with our exceptional Soundscapes Kit, taking you to realms of mesmerising sound and musical delight. 

Making satisfying noise never felt so easy with our Maracas, Rainstick, Egg Shakers and Bendy Bells!

Scentillations Kit

Encounter the soothing smells of our Scentillations Kit for a relaxing aroma experience.

Cuddle our sweet-smelling Giraffe Huggabuddies, smell the fruity scents of our Scented Crystal Bell Balls, combine tactile stimulation with our Scentsory Splashcooler Putty, and create a calming environment with our Relaxation Natural Room Spray.

Sensory Spectra Kit

Fascinating lights and soothing colours - the Sensory Spectra Kit is the key to unlocking amazing visuals!

Gaze into our Infinity Lights Mirror, see colourful and amazing patterns with the Kaleidoscope Lamp, shake and light up our tactile sensory fun ball, and turn on the Multi-Colour Star Lantern to produce a dynamic star effect inside that casts coloured light at surfaces!


Tactiletopia Kit

This is the perfect resource for those with fidgety fingers! The Tactiletopia Kit allows users to remain calm and relaxed whilst occupying the mind - and is a whole lot of fun too.

In this kit are our super squishy Nee-Doh Balls and Buggie for soft and pleasurable entertainment, our Water Wiggly, which colour changes when squeezed, and firmer textures too with our Fidget Cube and Flashing Rainbow Knot Ball!

Curious for more? It doesn't stop there!

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