Beamz Education and Healthcare Interactive Music System

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Beamz Education and Healthcare Interactive Music System
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Inclusive music activity system for all ages and abilities! It only takes a few minutes to learn to play.

It has wide appeal and is extremely versatile, having educational, play and therapeutic value and can be adapted to many settings - to support many teaching goals and therapeutic interventions, or simply to have fun with music!

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Inclusive music activity system for all ages and abilities! It only takes a few minutes to learn to play.

Beamz is fun for all, and accessible for those with additional needs. Simply break a light beam with a finger, a whole hand or a grasped object to instantly trigger sounds and play music. It can be played individually, with someone else and community groups or schools join multiples together for large group use.

Beamz can be used as a plug and play activity or purposefully to support educational or therapeutic goals. Play involves use of the upper limb, fine motor skills, unilaterally or bilaterally it is useful for hand therapy or upper limb rehabilitation. Vary hand movements or grasp heavier or larger objects during use to grade therapeutic input. Schools use to teach concepts and in music lessons as the studio software enables creation of interactive songs and the DJ element allows users to beat match, create loops, overlay samples and add effects using their own music content etc.

Includes: 50+ songs, with music genres for adults and children. Downloadable activities shows how to use Beamz with students, patients and clients for learning, skill development and includes 13 activities: 6 activities for all settings, 2 lesson plan excerpts, 2 games and 3 therapy protocol adaptations from the Beamz Therapy Guide created with the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences at Temple University.

Requires a PC, MAC or Apple iOS device. Size: 64x19x15cmD.

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Beamz challenged the client’s multi-tasking skills, motor planning and sequencing skills, as well as encouraging accurate visual motor skills for reaching to break the beam. [The patient] smiled more than he ever does with motor training activities! I was impressed that when his favored upper extremity tired, he was motivated to use non-favored upper extremity to continue making music.
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