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OT Expert Competition Winner

OT Competition Winner

OT Competition Winner

We ran a competition back in November asking the people to tell us why they love Occupational Therapy. We had a great response and it was difficult to pick a winner but one did stand out from the crowd. Congratulations to Laura, here is her submission.

I love OT for many reasons; I can never think of another career where I could work anywhere I wanted to in many different settings… with anyone! I currently use our PAT Dog to help manage anxiety within the community; we make weighted blankets to support positive use of tools which were previously used in a negative way. There is no other career where I have had to create an emergency cake (after the first one didn’t rise) so people can feel a sense of achievement and feel proud of something (also promoting communication as for the first time I got acknowledged and got offered a piece).

Becoming an Occupational Therapist is one of the proudest moments of my life; every day I explore and attempt something new. I love Occupational Therapy, it’s changed the way I look at everyday situations, environments and occupations. For me, Occupational Therapy isn’t just a (very cool) career choice, but a way of life. Being in with a chance to win vouchers will support our service. They will be used to purchase further equipment which our current service users have worn out.