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Kingswood Centre Open Day

Kingswood Open Day

Kingswood Open Day

Helping local communities is important to Rompa – this is why Rompa team members Mike Brooke and Dan Casey attended an open day at the Kingswood Centre in Corby, Northamptonshire this week.

The Kingswood Children’s Centre is vital to the local community as it provides a safe and stimulating space for children and support to parents and families. The Kingswood team is currently putting together a bid to fund a new sensory environment to be put within a space that is really under used at the moment and have asked Rompa to get involved.

Rompa’s in house design team had already produced a 3D room plan and Mike and Dan attended the open day to let the children of the area play with the products. The design was then presented to the Kingswood Team and a question and answer session followed.

Dan Casey

“Needless to say the kids loved the equipment, it was great to see so many young children exploring and playing with some benefits becoming immediately clear. It was also great to stand in front of the team who will be using the space and answering questions we would never have thought about!”

Mike Brooke

Mike Brooke

“This is such a fantastic centre, we would love to be able to help and provide the equipment. Today has been a success to see the children benefit from our equipment and to get some feedback on our design! We hope we have provided the team with enough information to put in a really solid bid which will get the grant awarded to the centre so we can help the community even more.”

February Trade Fairs

Nuremburg Toy fair

Nuremburg Toy fair

Kate Hays

Kate Hays

February has been a busy month for visiting trade fairs in the hunt for new product inspiration. My first (but hopefully not last) visit to Nuremburg was wonderful. It was really great to meet up with suppliers who we hadn’t seen for a while as well as being able to put faces to names and voices we’ve known for many years. Products didn’t disappoint either. At the end of walking up and down a dozen or so halls our feet were tired but our heads were buzzing with ideas and new products! Much to our delight, we also found alternative sources for existing products so we are able to maintain sensible prices.

A little closer to home (and thankfully avoiding flights and aborted landings due to scarily strong winds), the Spring Fair in Birmingham yielded more ideas. It never ceases to surprise me how many good ideas come from the least expected sources. A by-chance conversation can bring us seemingly simple but brilliant ideas.

There’s plenty to keep us busy now we’re back in the office and therefore there’ll be plenty of new offerings for the 2014 catalogues – yes, we start work on next year’s catalogue now!

The New Rompa Catalogue 2013

New Catalogues

New Catalogues

The new Rompa catalogue is now available in a dizzying array of languages. Packed with engaging and unique sensory products the Rompa catalogue contains our latest innovations and some old favourites.

You can request your copy of the Rompa catalogue by Clicking Here!

Need instant gratification? You can browse our online catalogue in the following languages using the links below:

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