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12 Months in the Life of Rompa’s Web Designer

Mark Tyler

Mark Tyler

It’s been a busy year for me. I moved house in March, started my new job at Rompa on the 16th of July, my wife had our baby 5 weeks early in August and I launched Rompa’s new website on the 7th of September. In October I changed the domain of to and started work on, this went live in November and then I was making an online noise about our contribution to The Yard, a DIY SOS Children in Need Big Build Project.

Rompa Website

New Vs Old

Refreshed from the Christmas break, I hit the ground running in January with a global price update for both Rompa and Winslow and the import of the new product range. February saw an upgrade to our website platform and the start of work to integrate this with our Enterprise Resource Planning solution.

In March I was digging my car out from under snow drifts and chasing upgrade Gremlins around the website’s back office. I also set up Google Adwords campaigns for our new bubble tubes and sensory kits. April was Autism awareness month and we dipped our toe in the pool of Facebook adverts with mixed results and I created several sensory room desktop wallpapers.

In May I added lots of effect wheel videos to the relevant product pages and found myself up to my eyes in spreadsheets. I also did some spring cleaning in an attempt to make some more room on the server. I created a page dedicated to the sensory room approach to dementia in June and spent some time fixing some Internet Explorer 7 display issues. If you could all stop using IE7 now that would be great, thanks.

July has brought a local IP address change which prevented our internet connection from accessing the Rompa website and the implementation of a Catpcha on the account creation page which should put an end to the automated creation of spam accounts which have plagued us recently.

Which brings us full circle to today, the 16 July 2013. My first year at Rompa has flown by with plenty being achieved. In the next 12 months I will be competing with myself when comparing like for like website traffic and revenue, I hope me from the past left some room for improvement.