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Another Happy Installations Customer…

We Received some wonderful feedback from another very happy customer:

‘It is with great pleasure that I am writing on behalf of all staff here at St Luke’s Trust, Berkshire.

We are a supported living home for adults with learning difficulties. We are currently having a sensory room fitted for a particular gentleman (work commenced Tuesday 29th October), and are due to have the room completed by tommorow (Thursday 31st).
Although they are still working, I would just like to take this opportunity to commend Sven and Pete who are working here at the moment. They have been some of the friendliest, most helpful workers we have had here. As you can understand, we have had many dealings with unsatisfactory workers/contractors etc. in the past, and based on this, it only further impresses us at their level of professionalism and kindness towards us all.

Please reiterate our sincerest thanks and respect for them both!! It has been a pleasure having them here with us!

On behalf of the Management and Staff Team,
St Luke’s Trust’

– Well done team!

For more information about how our design and installation service can help you contact us today on 01246 211 777 or email: [email protected]

Tom’s Room

Designer Gemma Cooke and Mike Brooke reflect on what has become known simply as “Tom’s Room”.

Gemma Cooke

Gemma Cooke

“A recent project that became close to my heart was the design and installation of a sensory room and soft play area for a family in Southampton. The soft play and sensory space were created for Tom and his brother Ollie. The design was fully customised for Tom and the family’s needs, and included the construction of a large sensory cabin. I was fortunate enough to meet Tom’s parents and his occupational therapist during the design process, this was extremely beneficial and ensured the space was functional, effective and everything Tom needed.”

“The room has now been installed and we have received photos of the room in use. I recently had the oportunity to meet Tom and Ollie and see them enjoying their new room, it’s the best part of the job.”

Mike Brooke

Mike Brooke

“Meeting Tom and his family had a profound and positive effect on me. Tom taught me something incredibly important. To see the person and not the disability. To work for a company where I have the resources and support to make such a positive impact on a family’s life keeps me driven and motivated.”

“Last week I had the privilege to return to Tom’s house and witness both Tom and his brother Ollie using the room. It’s a day that will live long in my memory. Especially the moment when Ollie said “I’m so glad you built this room, I love it so much. Thank you.”

WordPress Blog on the go…

Dan Casey

Dan Casey

Oh how times advance. This will probably be the least interesting post you will read on here… But, please indulge my sense of excitement, as now the Rompa team can blog on the go.

From Dudley to the Dominican Republic (see pictures), the news will be flowing thick and fast, keeping everyone abreast of some of the great things we are doing around the world.

So get involved, share with friends and ask say to your hearts content. Though if you are a (fake) North African banker who has had $10 million sat waiting in your account with our name on it. We prefer it if you emailed [email protected].

From Russia wi’ Love…

Jason Fletcher

Jason Fletcher

Rompa travelled to Russia to support our long standing and valued partners Rehab and Medical through a week of public events. We met people from all sectors of health care from students in colleges, to Ministers of social services and health care.

The Conference Room

The Conference Room

We travelled from Kazan to Moscow, to spread the word of Snoezelen with evidence based research and practices, which was kindly provided through the work of Dr Lesley Collier. We also explained innovative technologies and environmental control for caring and preventative measures delivered by yours truly.

Jason, Lesley and the Rehab Medical Team

Jason & Lesley and the Rehab and Medical Team

“I never ceased to be amazed by the commitment and effort that is obvious within health care providers. In Russia, the passion to respond to worldwide recognised challenges is very much present and active.”

We presented lectures at a Technical college in Kazan to talk with students who are learning about sensory environments, and who are still striving to find their specific professional area of interest.

Finally we delivered seminars to existing Rehab and Medical customers who are either in need of re-vamping existing equipment, or who wished to further understand the current state of equipment and updated research available.

“I personally feel honoured to have been a part of this exciting venture through Russia, and I feel privileged to have worked with professionals within Russia’s care sectors performing at the highest level.”

“I must have drunk my own body weight in vodka. It would have been rude not to though…..”