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Tobii Launch Gaze Viewer

What is Tobii Gaze Viewer

Tobii Gaze Viewer works as an assessment tool for SLTs (SLPs), teachers, parents, educational psychologists or anyone else wanting a better understanding of the user’s capabilities.

Tobii Gaze Viewer

Tobii Gaze Viewer

With Tobii Gaze Viewer and a Tobii assistive technology eye tracker you can record real eye tracking data from any application like the Internet, e-books, games, movies and more. You can save the data as single images or movies, with heat maps and gaze plots and use it to assess an individual’s physical capabilities and cognitive understanding and for making simple reports for eye gaze assessments, clinics, schoolwork, reading comprehension, clinical comprehension and much more – all done easily and instantaneously.

What can Tobii Gaze Viewer be used for?

There are virtually limitless assessment and testing uses for Tobii Gaze Viewer, some of them are:

  • Comprehension testing
  • Reading/literacy assessments
  • Cognitive/processing delay assessments
  • Reminiscence testing
  • Low pressure testing environments for children
  • Proving cognition in low functioning adults
  • Validating the potential use of an eye tracking AAC device for communication

Assess. Understand. Report. Easily with Gaze VIewer

The tagline of Tobii Gaze Viewer is “Assess. Understand. Report. Easily.” and Tobii have tried to build all of their marketing communication around it.

Assess – Tobii Gaze Viewer can be used to assess an individual’s physical and cognitive understanding. It helps to answer several questions like: Can the user see the screen? Can they select a button? Do they recognize certain items?

Understand – Use Tobii Gaze Viewer to understand, not only the end result of an action, but also the process for getting there. Discover what content is right for an individual user, if they are looking at relevant information or following along while you are reading.

Report – With Tobii Gaze Viewer you get undisputable, recorded proof of an individual’s current abilities and skills as well as how they develop over time.

At Rompa we’re very excited about the potential of Tobii products to improve the quality of life for those with restricted movement by allowing them to engage and communicate with family and carers more easily.

Kidz in the Middle

It’s hard to believe that it’s already a couple of weeks since we were at Kidz in the Middle in Coventry.  Now that the dust has settled, and everyone is back into their usual routines and activities, please take a moment to look again at our ROMPA catalogue if you collected a copy from our stand, or at our website.  If you didn’t get a catalogue, we can gladly post one to you.  Click here to order your free copy today.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to talk to us – you were a very friendly bunch!  Thank you also to Rob from Tobii for inviting visitors to our stand to try eye tracking control and eye gaze technology for themselves.  We look forward to a long and successful partnership with Tobii – please excuse the pun!

Autism Awarness Offer 25% Off Our Sensory Corner Kit

Create your own Sensory Corner

Create your own Sensory Corner

A few simple components can create a real impact in a sensory corner. Bubble tubes, fibre optics, padded bases and wireless switches combine to produce an interactive and immersive experience.

NEW for 2016 – Snoezelen® Sensory Corner Kit

This kit includes some of the most popular elements of a Snoezelen® Multi-Sensory Environment and has been designed to be installed easily (without the need of professional help). The Sensory Corner Kit is comprehensive and affordable.


The sensory corner kit includes:

The products can be enjoyed passively, as they will change colour in sequence, or interactively using the 8 Colour Wirefree Switch (included). You may wish to purchase Fish and Sea Creatures (21193), Bubble tube balls (15203 / 21799) or Cubes 21145 to another visually exciting element to your bubble tube.

Rompa and Tobii’s Ground Breaking Eye Tracking Technology

Rompa are really happy to announce that we will be selling Tobii Technology products.

‘Tobii is the world’s leading vendor of eye tracking and eye control: a technology that makes it possible for computers to know exactly where users are looking. Our technology is widely used in various research fields and as a means to control computers.’

In the photos below you can see Leila in our sensory room creating fire with her eyes (probably not the first time this has happened!)

We will be bringing you more information soon!

Parenting Additional Needs Working Together With ROMPA

It is a great pleasure to announce that we are working together with Parenting Additional Needs (PAN).

PAN is a parent led organisation based in Derbyshire with the goal of offering parents who have children with additional needs help and advice:

‘Our goal for PAN is to be able to support families and provide information all in one place so they don’t have to search for it themselves.  We would like PAN to provide various types of workshops for parents, sibling support, a family mentor scheme and so much more.’ 

 For more information visit their Facebook page or the PAN website.

As you may have seen on our Facebook page we have been helping each other over the last few months – we finally got the members of the organisation in our sensory room for a photo with Dan and Tania (left hand side back 2 rows)!

We are working with PAN to better understand the needs of parents of children with additional needs, gain valuable feedback and reviews of products.