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Jigsaw Occupational Therapy

Today we welcome a blog contribution from Dominic Simpson of Jigsaw Occupational Therapy.

Jigsaw Occupational Therapy is a specialist provider for childrenJigsaw Occupational Therapy and young people living in the South East of England. We work with children and young people experiencing a wide array of profound and multiple disabilities. Some of these conditions include cerebral palsy, autism and Asperger’s, sensory processing disorders, acquired brain injuries, motor coordination difficulties and learning disabilities.

Jigsaw OT was founded in 2010, by Vicky Ruffle, in order to offer more effective and personalised assessments and therapy specifically designed around each individual child and young person’s needs, in addition to providing assistance and training to school staff, parents and carers. Jigsaw OT has two additional occupational therapists (Mel Campbell and Kaye Johnson) and each of our OT’s are trained sensory integration practitioners too and advanced sensory integration therapy level or up to level 3.

Jigsaw Sensory Integration

We have just opened a dedicated assessment and sensory integration therapy centre, the first and only one of it’s kind in Sussex. We are also working closely with local schools in the mid-sussex area, maximising children’s access to education and social inclusion.

Our new therapy room is filled to the brim with Rompa equipment and resources but the most popular Rompa equipment that the children have just loved, have been the Beano Swing, Southpaw Large Inflatable Barrel and of course the fantastic Soft Play Super Set. In fact, we’ve seen some great activities involving all three items at once! One recent task was to use the Beano Swing to knock down a tower made from the Soft Play Super Set, aiding a child seeking ‘crash and bump’ sensation and then also using the Beano Swing to drop down into the up-turned barrel helping motor planning and body awareness.

We are planning an open day on the 17th June, where we will open the doors of the centre to anyone who would be interested in visiting us to view our facilities, chat to our occupational therapists and learn more about what Jigsaw OT can offer.

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Visitors from Across the Pond

This week we welcomed George Carmel and Crystal Paulitzki to Rompa HQ. George is the CEO of Flaghouse Inc, the company that owns Rompa, and Crystal is General Manager of Flaghouse’s Canadian operation.

Rompa and FlaghouseThe week was filled with productive meetings with Rompa suppliers and several of our international partners also made the journey to Chesterfield to take advantage of the opportunity to meet George and Crystal in person.  One of Crystal’s primary roles is the promotion of Snoezelen in Canada and her first trip to Rompa revealed lots of opportunities for collaboration in the future.

Thanks to George and Crystal for taking the time out of their busy schedules to come and see us.