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Mark is our in house web designer. When he's not polishing Rompa's website to a high shine Mark enjoys mountain biking in the Peak District and playing Bob Dylan, rather badly, on his guitar. Google +

It’s nearly Christmas… silly hats must be worn at all times!

Rudolf the Red Nose Financial Director

Rudolf the Red Nose Financial Director

Those of you who follow our Twitter account will know that we promised you some embarrassing pictures of the Christmas do. Well unfortunately all the embarrassing photos of this event contained our web designer, Mark, and therefore have no chance of finding their way online due to his omnipotence in this area.

Such is his power that you are more likely to find a picture of our financial director dressed as Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer on the Rompa blog that you are of him belting out “Don’t Stop Me Now!” at the Christmas Karaoke. Enjoy.



12 Months in the Life of Rompa’s Web Designer

Mark Tyler

Mark Tyler

It’s been a busy year for me. I moved house in March, started my new job at Rompa on the 16th of July, my wife had our baby 5 weeks early in August and I launched Rompa’s new website on the 7th of September. In October I changed the domain of to and started work on, this went live in November and then I was making an online noise about our contribution to The Yard, a DIY SOS Children in Need Big Build Project.

Rompa Website

New Vs Old

Refreshed from the Christmas break, I hit the ground running in January with a global price update for both Rompa and Winslow and the import of the new product range. February saw an upgrade to our website platform and the start of work to integrate this with our Enterprise Resource Planning solution.

In March I was digging my car out from under snow drifts and chasing upgrade Gremlins around the website’s back office. I also set up Google Adwords campaigns for our new bubble tubes and sensory kits. April was Autism awareness month and we dipped our toe in the pool of Facebook adverts with mixed results and I created several sensory room desktop wallpapers.

In May I added lots of effect wheel videos to the relevant product pages and found myself up to my eyes in spreadsheets. I also did some spring cleaning in an attempt to make some more room on the server. I created a page dedicated to the sensory room approach to dementia in June and spent some time fixing some Internet Explorer 7 display issues. If you could all stop using IE7 now that would be great, thanks.

July has brought a local IP address change which prevented our internet connection from accessing the Rompa website and the implementation of a Catpcha on the account creation page which should put an end to the automated creation of spam accounts which have plagued us recently.

Which brings us full circle to today, the 16 July 2013. My first year at Rompa has flown by with plenty being achieved. In the next 12 months I will be competing with myself when comparing like for like website traffic and revenue, I hope me from the past left some room for improvement.  

Celebrating 35 Years of Continuous Service

We were celebrating today at ROMPA as Karen Leech reached quite a milestone… 35 years continuous service!

Karen started her career in 1978 with Robinson’s (which later became ROMPA) producing CWS – Cellulose Wadding Supplies or in English- creating the inside packaging for boxes of Terry’s chocolates.

Throughout her tenure she has seen ROMPA as a small business turn into a global

Congratulations Karen

Congratulations Karen

enterprise. Karen has held a variety of jobs such as ‘Band knife operator’ (being responsible for a big knife) promotional work, a 2 week stint in cotton wool which I can quote her as being ‘horrible’ before finding her role that she has held for 19 years within Rompa within electronics..

Karen has seen management changes, restructuring of the business and countless innovations in technology- if you have had an electrical product from ROMPA in the last 19 years it is almost certain that Karen has been involved in its build / design.

From the woman who says “When I started I couldn’t wire a plug… now I can build you a transformer!” Karen has progressed within the role and become a vital part of ROMPA and we would struggle without her!

Congratulations Karen and thank you for all your hard work over the years.

The New Rompa Catalogue 2013

New Catalogues

New Catalogues

The new Rompa catalogue is now available in a dizzying array of languages. Packed with engaging and unique sensory products the Rompa catalogue contains our latest innovations and some old favourites.

You can request your copy of the Rompa catalogue by Clicking Here!

Need instant gratification? You can browse our online catalogue in the following languages using the links below:

English Catalogue

English Catalogue (Euros)

Spanish Catalogue

Russian Catalogue

French Catalogue

Dutch Catalogue

Norwegian Catalogue

Portuguese Catalogue

Introducing the improved Rompa Bubble Tube

At Rompa we focus on the individual using the product, rather than the disorder being treated. So when our customers gave us feedback on one of our core product lines, the Rompa Bubble Tube, we listened. We took this popular product back to the drawing board, the end result is an easier to maintain and more robust bubble tube, here’s why:

Easier filling and draining

  • The new valve is accessed from the outside of the chassis so the cover does not have to be removed. A drainage pipe can be removed and stored separately.
  • Drainage pipe pushes in and is removed by pressing the grey button. The drainage valve automatically closes once the drainage pipe is removed.
  • A filling pump is available from Rompa that connects to the drainage valve and the bubble tube power supply for easy filling – immerge the orange part of the pump in a bucket for easy filling from the bottom. This means the tube’s power is disconnected from the base to be used to power the pump. This is especially helpful for taller bubble tubes and bubble tubes in Canopies.  We believe we are the only sensory provider who offers this.

Slimmer base: reduced from 15 to 11cm high approximately

  • Allows more room in a cushioned platform (for light sources etc).
  • Better stability.
  • Reduction in weight: 2.8kg (5kg before).

Simpler, safer chassis

  • The metal chasis has been replaced by an a robust, lighter weight plastic chassis.
  • The removal of the metal has allowed the base to be slimmer. The chassis is now more rigid because of the undulations in the plastic.
  • The electronics are fully encased by a plastic box with in the chasis– should water be accidentally tipped into the chassis, the electronics are protected.

Improvements to remote control (removal of the USB port)

  • Control of colours comes from the easy to use 8 Colour Wirefree Controller (sold separately).  Therefore no programming is required.
  • With only two sockets of completely different sizes and shape (power and switch box connections), it is impossible to connect the switch box to the wrong socket.
  • Compatible with all Rompa Wi Fi products.

Even brighter LEDs

  • These are now even brighter than before and but still last hundreds of thousands of hours so no bulbs to change. LEDs are also cool-running, very energy efficient and give lots of options for colour control with Wi Fi controllers.

Bubble Tubes are truly multi-sensory product and connect with the user at a visual, tactile and auditory level. Their calming, relaxing and mesmerising qualities make them an essential part of any multi sensory environment.

New Rompa Catalogue – Celebrating a year to be proud of

Rompa Catalogue 2012

Rompa Catalogue 2012

It’s been good to be British this summer what with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Bradley Wiggins winning the Tour De France and the successful hosting of the Olympic and the Paralympic Games. In honour of these events we’ve gone with a suitably patriotic cover for the new Rompa catalogue, click the picture to order yours today.

Inside you’ll find a great range of carefully selected products for the treatment of a wide range of sensory disorders. From autism and learning disabilities to dementia, we have products to improve the qualitiy of life of those you care for.

You can also Click Here to browse online catalogue or download the PDF version.