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Rompa install sensory rooms the length and breadth of the country but we’re not limited to the UK and have traveled as far as the US, Canada and Eastern Europe to work our sensory room magic.

The Wonkey Donkey and Rompa

What is Wonkey Donkey I hear you ask? Well the clue is in the name – Wonkey Donkey is a donkey sanctuary and visitors centre that looks after over 21 Donkeys. What makes this Donkey Sanctuary unique is that they have a vision to make their sanctuary more accessible to disabled, elderly and autistic visitors.

Where does Rompa come in?

Rompa has been working with the Wonkey Donkey for over 2 years now. The story began when our MD visited the sanctuary with a friend. She was amazed at what was being done for the animals and was then thrilled to find out that the centre wanted to make themselves more accessible to disabled visitors. During her visit she noticed a small boy with autism at the sanctuary, he had a great time with the Donkey’s but unfortunately when his parents wanted to take a well-earned break in the café there was nothing to comfort him. This visit sparked a long term relationship between Rompa and Wonkey Donkey which followed in the sanctuary installing a sensory area and ball pool.

Accessible days out

For individuals with a disability having a day out somewhere can be a stressful ordeal and often leads to sensory overload, especially for people with hidden disabilities such as autism. Providing a space for people to calm down such as the sensory room at Wonkey Donkey is an excellent way to not only help these people and broaden your market. Autism effects 1 in 100 people in the UK which is over 700,000 in total.

Rompa are proud to work with Wonkey Donkey as they provide an inclusive family day out. For more information take a look at the Wonkey Donkey website

Purple Tuesday – The UK’s Accessible Shopping Day

For people with hidden disabilities a shopping trip can be an overwhelming ordeal as loud noises, bright lights, crowds and unusual smells flood the senses. This experience can leave an autistic child (for example) feeling very agitated and unhappy, making the shopping trip impossible for both them and their parent or carer. This is one of the many reasons why the disability organisation Purple, with endorsement from the Department for Work and Pensions have introduced Purple Tuesday.

Taking place on Tuesday 13th November 2018, Purple Tuesday is the UK’s first accessible shopping day. On this day major retailers and shopping centres are expected to promote accessible shopping by making one long term commitment which makes their venue more inclusive and improves the shopping experience for disabled customers. This could mean installing a sensory room where people with hidden disabilities can go to for some quiet time after or during the shopping trip or introducing a quiet hour.

Making Shopping Inclusive is big business

  • The purple pound is worth £249 billion to the UK economy
  • Autism affects 1 in 100 That’s over 700,000 people in the UK which means that
  • Approximately 2.8m people have a relative on the Autism Spectrum.
  • More than 11 million people in the UK are considered disabled

Rompa proudly supports Purple Tuesday and similar initiatives

Rompa have worked with many businesses in the retail sector that have taken the initiative to make their venues more inclusive. For example, Meadowhall Shopping centre asked us to provide a pop-up sensory room in aid of Autism Awareness Week. The feedback from this was so positive that a permanent sensory room has now made an addition to their facilities as well as a Rompa corner kit being installed into the baby changing area.

Here at Rompa we provide a variety of products for not only shopping centres to consider for Purple Tuesday but for parents and carers alike during their shopping trip. 

Take a look at our tactile range of products:

Rompa Saver Packs… Saving you time and money!

Rompa’s range of saver packs have been specially selected by our product team and in some instances OT advisors. They are designed to help you to find what you need easily and with a saving.

With the end of year budgets rapidly approaching, if you are fortunate enough to have some cash left in the pot choose to invest it wisely in a Saver Pack.

From the immensely popular bubble tube corner kits to the smaller home packs there are a range of saver packs designed to help you.

Saving You Time:

Move & Groove Saver Pack

Lean on our expertise! We have selected the products for each kit with a specific application in mind. The saver packs range from more simplistic kits such as the Smells Set which has been designed to address a specific sense. To more complex such as the Sensory Circuits Saver Packs designed to provide all the equipment needed to provide a specific type of therapy. Each will save you time in selecting the products and ordering them individually.


Saving You Money:

Snoezelen® Bubble Tube Sensory Corner Kit

Alongside this saving of time often also comes a cash saving. Saver packs  come with a reduction in cost from under £10 to over £300 dependent on the size and scale of the saver pack.  This equates to a nice saving and provides our customers with the opportunity to access and try our products.



Rompa® quality that you can trust…

Rompa® have been providing Snoezelen® Multi-Sensory products for over 30 years. We’ve been established this long because our products have been built to last. Whilst there are seemingly similar options available on the market take a look at the reviews from our customers why you should choose Rompa®:

Colin E. Verified Buyer

Snoezelen® Bubble Tube Sensory Corner Kit
Excellent products and very useful to have everything you need in one package at a discounted price!
Find out more about our saver packs online now:

Snoezelen Senstation – Taking the Sensory Experience to Where You Need It

Tired of taking people to the sensory room…? Ever thought of taking the room to the people who need it?!

Introducing the new Snoezelen® Senstation, the mobile unit that brings the key elements of a Snoezelen® Multi-Sensory Environment to you.

Includes Snoezelen® favourites such as:

Cost Effective

This all in one solution is a cost effective alternative to a Snoezelen® Multi-Sensory environment and is perfect for larger institutions who need to take the sensory products to various places in the building. At just £7995+VAT and without an installation fee this product is a fantastic alternative to having a Snoezelen® Multi-Sensory Environment.

360 of Snoezelen® Sensory Activity:

With products on each side the Snoezelen® Senstation provides stimulation for up to 4 people at once.

Make it your own:

Use the storage provided to personalise the experience by introducing smaller sensory products, favourite items or assessments.

Find Out More:

Visit: or speak to one of our advisors on 01246 211 777.

Supporting The Special Olympics 2017

Sensory Bus at the Special Olympics 2017

When the opportunity arose to provide sensory support at the Special Olympics GB National Games we couldn’t wait to be involved. Our friends at Sparkle Sheffield arranged for us to bring the Sensory Bus to the Athletes’ Village situated at The Edge in Sheffield.

Why are Rompa Supporting the Special Olympics?

Rompa are providing a Snoezelen® sensory space for athletes who may become anxious or need to relax and manage their sensory needs. We will be supporting the Special Olympics all week until mid afternoon Friday.

Rompa sell Snoezelen® Multi-Sensory Environments and products throughout the UK. These products are often used to help people with Autism and Learning Difficulties. We thought it would be great opportunity to give something back and support the Athletes throughout the week.

As the athletes were arriving yesterday we had a lot of people take an interest in the bus, some of whom explained to us how sensory products such as the Infinity Panel and Snoezelen® Bubble Tube Sensory Corner Kit help them to relax.

Is the Sensory Bus Available For My Event?

The Special Olympics is an amazing event to be a part of and a great launch pad for the sensory bus! If you are organising an event and are interested in Rompa bringing the sensory bus please get in touch!  Call us on 01246 211 777 or email: and we will give you a call to find out more!

Sensory Van

The Rompa Sensory Bus

We recently did our first out door show and decided that we needed a new way of showcasing our product range. To enable us to bring a Rompa Sensory Room to you, we have created the Rompa Sensory Bus!

The bus contains all the typical components of a normal Rompa sensory room but this one is installed in a large vehicle that we can take to shows and events up and down the country. The sensory bus has:

  • Rainbow bumpers
  • A tactile wall
  • A sensory room projector
  • A waterless bubble tube
  • An aroma panel
  • An interactive floor
  • An infinity and beyond panel
  • A colour changing panel
  • Fibre Optics

We think this will prove a great way to bring the concept of Snoezelen sensory environments to a wider audience and demonstrate the immersive quality of a Rompa sensory room.

Science Zone Sensory Room a Success!

At Rompa® we have provided Snoezelen® Multi-Sensory equipment to a variety of places. When we were approached by Neil at the Science Zone in Bournemouth we were excited to be a part of a different experience.

The Science Zone is a new exciting science adventure for children, sponsored by Science Dome UK, based in the centre of the historic Royal Arcade in Boscombe, Bournemouth. It offers visitors access to science ‘zones’, where each zone has a variety of activities and features that will both stimulate and inspire children to learn more about the world around them.  From life-size dinosaurs, planetarium shows, musical bubble columns to digging for fossils and explosive experiments, every visitor, both large and small, will be entertained as well as educated. Also as the only registered telescope distributor in Bournemouth, there are state-of-the art Visionary telescopes and binoculars on offer for star and planet gazing as well as marine observing. It’s perfect if you’re looking for something that’s educational as well as fun for your child. There’s something there for everyone!

We recently caught up with Neil Carrington the founder of Science Zone UK to find out more about this brilliant project:

Rompa: Hi Neil, thank you for your time today and for choosing Rompa to help you with this project. Could I ask…Why did you choose to have a sensory room?

NC: We have already a large connection with schools and they were asking for a interactive physical activity rather than a visual dome experience. We also wanted to help SEN school needs 

Rompa: What difference has it made to the Science Dome?

NC: We have been operating for 10 years as a planetarium and science traveling resource to schools. The sensory room and OptiMusic equipment has allowed us to offer a permanent science service called the Science Zone – with different areas or zones of interactive nature and a planetarium – see Facebook Science Zone UK 

Rompa: What made you choose Rompa for the project?

NC: We have been purchasing equipment from Rompa for years – from a planet themed parachute to soft seating for our planetarium- so know good quality 

Rompa: Has the Sensory Room allowed more people to visit the sensory dome? 

NC: Yes – previous service was only portable travelling school service- the sensory room is open to public and toddler groups -previously not covered. Hundreds of the public have been experiencing science and sensory areas this year. We had 400 people for our opening day!

If you want to find out more about the Science Zone and Science Dome visit:

Rompa Provide 3 Sensory Rooms at Notts County Football Club


Notts County have opened three sensory rooms at Meadow Lane, becoming the first EFL club to provide specialist facilities for those who experience anxiety in stadium environments.


In a ceremony which also saw the club sign the Autism Alliance charter, the rooms were officially opened ahead of Saturday’s Sky Bet League Two match against Grimsby Town by Notts head groundsman Trevor Hutchinson and his daughter Tyler, who has complex learning difficulties.


Hutchinson said: “It was quite emotional to be honest. To see Tyler react the way she did, and how much she joined in and enjoyed it, was brilliant. I think that was down to all the cameras – she’s quite a poser when it comes to having her picture taken!


“Even after that she remained very calm, which proves the rooms do what they say on the tin.


“It was a great day and I’m really proud of what we’ve managed to achieve.”


The club launched the project after seeking advice from a number of specialists including Autism East Midlands, Rompa, the Shippey campaign and Indigo to ensure the rooms would fully meet the needs of those with complex learning difficulties.


Rompa, a leading organisation in sensory equipment and multi-sensory environments, developed the rooms, which are located in the executive boxes of the Haydn Green Stand.


Dan Casey, marketing manager at Rompa, said: “We are absolutely delighted that Notts, the oldest Football League club in the world, are on board and we hope this will show other clubs it can be done.


“We’ve provided three sensory areas to make the club accessible to people with complex learning difficulties, including autism. It’s such a great thing.”


The idea was first floated by Debbie Austin, who visited the club earlier this year in her role as specialist awareness trainer at Autism East Midlands.


Six months later, her suggestion has come to fruition – bigger and better than she ever envisaged.


She said: “Typically it would perhaps be one area or room, but here at Notts County there is an array of rooms – not only for people with sensory issues, but a room for parents as well.


“I am a woman on the autism spectrum, so I know myself that noise and crowded spaces can be overwhelming. People with this type of condition, who would otherwise have stayed away, can now be a part of the game.


“It feels extremely supportive. I think it’s wonderful.”


Apply for free tickets


To celebrate the launch, Notts are offering complimentary access to their sensory rooms for their next four Sky Bet League Two home matches:

Saturday 24 September: Leyton Orient


Saturday 1 October: Morecambe


Saturday 15 October: Crewe Alexandra


There will be an opportunity for sensory room users to make a charitable donation at each match.


To apply for complimentary tickets, please email Recipients will be selected at random from those who apply.


Future ticketing process


From the Luton Town match (Saturday 29 October) onwards, each sensory room can be hired for £40. The maximum capacity for each room is eight people, with a ratio of one sensory room user to a maximum of two parents/carers.


The rooms will be available to book in-person at the Meadow Lane ticket office or by calling 0115 955 7210.


Each room in detail


The rooms cater for differing needs:


The Rompa Snoezelen® Multi-Sensory Room


The Snoezelen® Multi-Sensory Room provides resources to calm people using light, sound, smell and touch while giving a fantastic view of the game. The room boasts a bubble tube in a padded base, fibre-optics, eight-colour controller, milky way fibre-optic carpet, laser sky projector, aroma diffuser as well as vibrating pillows to provide a relaxing environment to enjoy the match in.


The Rompa Multi-Sensory Room 2


This room provides simple resources to engage those who may find the main sensory room distracting. It boasts hand-held products to hold, squeeze and manipulate as well as a calming space projector which features a slow-moving lava lamp-like projection, a spotlight and mirror ball. There is also an aroma-diffuser which can be changed for different users.


The Rompa Sensory Integration Room


This room is for the more active and those with sensory processing disorders. It includes spinning, rocking, bouncing and balance as well weighted and compression vests to help those who can be calmed with this type of sensory input. It also has a range of hand-held tactile products to touch and explore, including hard, soft, aroma, smooth and vibration. Each viewing area also provides ear defenders for people who are sensitive to sounds (such as sudden cheers).


Information for parents/carers


– Parents/carers remain responsible for sensory room users at all times


– The parents’ room can be used by the parents/carers provided at least one parent/carer remains in the sensory room with the user at all times


– The sensory suite is manned by volunteers who are there to provide support to the users, but who are unable to provide dedicated caring support. Parents and carers must therefore retain full supervision of their sensory room user at all times


– Notts County intend to review their sensory room ticketing policy after three months as part of their commitment to ensuring the rooms are accessible as possible to those who need them. The club therefore invite supporters to send their feedback to


– All parents/carers will be asked to complete a profile form on arrival, which will enable the club to gain an understanding of users’ needs. Please note – personal data will be shared with staff and sensory suite volunteers but will not be used for any other purpose

-If you would like to find out more about how Rompa can help your club please contact or call 01246 211 777

Perianne Walters Reviews The Rompa Maxi Bubble Tube


In this review of the ROMPA Maxi Bubble Tube we will explore everything about what I think is the best and most reliable bubble tube you can buy.

I will start off with a bit of back-story, when our son was first diagnosed with autism my husband and I agreed that he would need a sensory room, I myself am autistic, so I already knew what an autistic child’s sensory needs would be.

Long before we bought this excellent ROMPA bubble tube, one of the first things we bought for our son’s sensory room was a cheap bubble tube (I apologise, I cannot disclose the name of the seller or manufacturer of said bubble tube due to legal threats against us). We built up our sensory room around the cheap bubble tube assuming it was a quality item. After four months the cheap bubble tube started to leak! It had ruined about half of the special needs toys and equipment we had saved up for years for. Both my son and I had multiple meltdowns over weeks while my husband tried to obtain a refund and compensation while helping us deal with our meltdowns, eventually after around three months of much discordance and obtaining legal information from solicitors, the aforementioned seller and manufacturer paid out. I could write a book with the amount of excuses and lies they gave my husband during this time, but I wont go into that here as I want to move on to ROMPA’s amazing bubble tube and service.

My husband and I agreed that if we were to get another bubble tube, we would have to go for a quality retailer and manufacturer. We already knew a lot about ROMPA and had always wanted ROMPA equipment in our child’s sensory room, we thought things were a bit expensive at first, but trust me, you get what you pay for! We put the money that was refunded to us and saved up for months and finally bought the ROMPA maxi bubble tube, we went for the 2 metre one, because why not? We saved a lot of money by filling in the VAT relief form when going through the checkout, which your child is valid for if they are disabled, if you need more information on this, click here. There are also charities that may be able to help you afford this sort of thing for your disabled child, such as the Newlife charity.


When the bubble tube arrived it was already set up, no messing about with tubes and ties, it just came in one piece. We just put it in place, filled it with water, put the lid on, and turned it on, simple, just the way it should be.

This thing is tall, our son loves it, he hugs it every night watching the bubbles, plastic fish and cubes during his sensory time before bed.

The bubbles are nice and big and there are millions of them, when they start, the plastic fish and cubes bob up and down through the bubble tube weaving in and out of the bubbles. You can get the fish from here and the cubes from here.

It has a nice low pitched hum sound when its turned on, our son likes to mimic the sound.

The colours are very vivid and bright, perfect for children with special needs to help visual processing and colour recognition.

Speaking of colours, the bubble tube changes to many different colours, but we didn’t realise we could interact with it until I read more about ROMPA’s WIFI switches, we saved up for one and bought it (this one) but recently have upgraded to this one. We also got this cool talking WIFI cube here which also changes the colour of the bubble tube. the switches work with all our WIFI enabled ROMPA equipment. You can read our review of the ROMPA Deluxe 8 Colour Wirefree Controller here.

When the WIFI switch arrived it just worked, no setup, we literally opened the box, pressed a button, and the bubble tube changed colour! You don’t need any computer experience, it just works, here is a video we took of the different colours and the bubbles stopping and starting using the WIFI switch:

We have had the ROMPA maxi bubble tube for about 18 months now and its been perfect. No faults, no leaks, no problems, just what you’d expect from the makers of equipment for people with special needs.

We empty it once every 4 months to add fresher water, and in between that window of time we keep the water clean using BCB, which you can also get from ROMPA here.

Its really easy to empty too, just attach the drainage pipe that comes with the bubble tube, put the other end of the pipe in the sink, and turn the valve ….. that’s it!

If you have the money, I highly recommend this bubble tube. Our son has been so happy with his ROMPA equipment, as long as ROMPA keep pumping out quality equipment and keep up their fantastic customer service, I’ll keep buying.

If you want to buy it, click HERE.

We are not affiliated with ROMPA, we are just very happy customers – find out more about Perianne and her experience of using sensory products at or join her Facebook Group


Guest Blog – Introducing Perianne Walters


Hi my name is Perianne! I’m an autistic adult with a 4 year old autistic son.

I wasn’t diagnosed with autism until I was 11 and I had major problems throughout my school years, but eventually I found my way into a special needs school where they helped me to understand more about having autism and ways of coping with the outside world.

I met my husband at 18 was married at 20 and had Edwin my son that same year. Unfortunately there were complications with Edwin’s birth and I was left in extreme pain and unable to walk since. There are a lot of things I can’t do for my son but I found setting up sensory activities such as coloured rice beans or pasta helps us to interact and him to calm down. Edwin has sensory problems and is a sensory seeker that just means he will seek out different kinds of sensory input witch we give him though sensory play. Edwin also has a home sensory room where he goes to calm down with sensory toys, lights and a large bubble tube it really helps him to relax before bed and sleep better.


I have been running a Facebook group for the past two years called Special needs and sensory play ideas – you can find it at The group has almost 12,000 members and is one of the main special needs play groups on Facebook. It has helped me a lot to be in contact with people online as I don’t get out of the house much anymore. I spend a lot of time helping parents, childminders, teachers, and carers of special needs children have a better understanding of special needs. I have a unique insight in to the mind of the child and that helps me to help others avoid the kind of struggle I went though in my school years.

My group has recently opened a website to try help more people with ideas and reviews of sensory toys and equipment. I do have a Facebook page where I just post day to day what Edwin been doing mostly sensory play related activities.sensory boxes,light box play and sensory trays.

I’m going to be working with Rompa to share some parents perspective on their products and I look forward to sharing this with you 🙂