It’s nearly Christmas… silly hats must be worn at all times!

Rudolf the Red Nose Financial Director

Rudolf the Red Nose Financial Director

Those of you who follow our Twitter account will know that we promised you some embarrassing pictures of the Christmas do. Well unfortunately all the embarrassing photos of this event contained our web designer, Mark, and therefore have no chance of finding their way online due to his omnipotence in this area.

Such is his power that you are more likely to find a picture of our financial director dressed as Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer on the Rompa blog that you are of him belting out “Don’t Stop Me Now!” at the Christmas Karaoke. Enjoy.



Mark Tyler

About Mark Tyler

Mark is our in house web designer. When he's not polishing Rompa's website to a high shine Mark enjoys mountain biking in the Peak District and playing Bob Dylan, rather badly, on his guitar. Google +

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