Karaoke Rompa Christmas Party

Rompa Christmas PartyIt’s that time of year when colleagues and co-workers congregate in a function room to celebrate the achievements of the past year and have a drink or two.

The 5:30 start at the Proact Stadium is quite early and has been known to catch out even the most seasoned party goer. Having not paced myself particularly well last year and overindulged somewhat, I was hoping to learn from my past mistakes and looking forward to watching others make some. Despite my best intentions I still found myself belting out a Pogues tune at 10 o’clock.

The pass the parcel was a hit. Each layer contained another novelty item such as Dame Edna Glasses or a neon wig. The prize at the centre was an extra day of annual leave. Thanks very much Donna!

Highlights for me were Graham letting go and having a dance to Erasure in his fetching Man City Rudolph jumper, Cass doing the “running man” in stilettoes and Leila’s rendition of All I Want for Christmas (is you) with backing volcals provided by Graham, Emma and Cass. There was a very positive vibe to the evening and everyone had a great night.

A great end to a great year.


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