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Introducing the improved Rompa Bubble Tube

At Rompa we focus on the individual using the product, rather than the disorder being treated. So when our customers gave us feedback on one of our core product lines, the Rompa Bubble Tube, we listened. We took this popular product back to the drawing board, the end result is an easier to maintain and more robust bubble tube, here’s why:

Easier filling and draining

  • The new valve is accessed from the outside of the chassis so the cover does not have to be removed. A drainage pipe can be removed and stored separately.
  • Drainage pipe pushes in and is removed by pressing the grey button. The drainage valve automatically closes once the drainage pipe is removed.
  • A filling pump is available from Rompa that connects to the drainage valve and the bubble tube power supply for easy filling – immerge the orange part of the pump in a bucket for easy filling from the bottom. This means the tube’s power is disconnected from the base to be used to power the pump. This is especially helpful for taller bubble tubes and bubble tubes in Canopies.  We believe we are the only sensory provider who offers this.

Slimmer base: reduced from 15 to 11cm high approximately

  • Allows more room in a cushioned platform (for light sources etc).
  • Better stability.
  • Reduction in weight: 2.8kg (5kg before).

Simpler, safer chassis

  • The metal chasis has been replaced by an a robust, lighter weight plastic chassis.
  • The removal of the metal has allowed the base to be slimmer. The chassis is now more rigid because of the undulations in the plastic.
  • The electronics are fully encased by a plastic box with in the chasis– should water be accidentally tipped into the chassis, the electronics are protected.

Improvements to remote control (removal of the USB port)

  • Control of colours comes from the easy to use 8 Colour Wirefree Controller (sold separately).  Therefore no programming is required.
  • With only two sockets of completely different sizes and shape (power and switch box connections), it is impossible to connect the switch box to the wrong socket.
  • Compatible with all Rompa Wi Fi products.

Even brighter LEDs

  • These are now even brighter than before and but still last hundreds of thousands of hours so no bulbs to change. LEDs are also cool-running, very energy efficient and give lots of options for colour control with Wi Fi controllers.

Bubble Tubes are truly multi-sensory product and connect with the user at a visual, tactile and auditory level. Their calming, relaxing and mesmerising qualities make them an essential part of any multi sensory environment.