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A week at FlagHouse Canada

Toronto's CN Tower

Toronto’s CN Tower

In November of last year I spent a week at the FlagHouse office in Toronto, Canada working with their designer Tom Heber, and the rest of the team. Everybody made me very welcome and made my first experience of Canada a memorable one.

The time spent with Tom was valuable on many levels, not only to introduce him to his brand new software, but beyond this I made new friends and it has bought the working relationship of the two companies closer together.

During the week at work I did manage to fit in some sight seeing and experience some of what Toronto has to offer. I saw the city at dusk and night; I also experienced dinner at the top of the CN Tower in the revolving restaurant. Once I got over the initial slightly queasy feeling of motion sickness I sat back and enjoyed a lovely dinner and conversation while taking in the amazing views over the city and the lake.

Since leaving Canada I have maintained contact with Tom and we speak most days to discuss software and design projects. I have left not only having seen Canada but also shared professional experiences and made new friends.

I feel very privileged to have been able to travel with work and to have such a warm welcome from our parent company across the pond.