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Guest Blog – Jigsaw OT Events

Jigsaw Occupational Therapy is a specialist provider for children and young people living in the South East of England. Our dedicated assessment and sensory integration therapy centre is the first and only one of it’s kind in Sussex.

Jigsaw OT was founded in order to offer effective and personalised assessment and therapy specifically designed around each individual child and young person’s needs. However, for a parent or a professional, upon establishing that a child may have some difficulties or challenges, trying to understand these difficulties can often generate more questions than answers. More and more information is available now on conditions such as, Sensory Processing Disorders, however, the sheer volume of documentation can become overwhelming and confusing. 

Here at Jigsaw OT we decided it would be great if we could bring together parents, teachers, SENCo’s, Teaching Assistants, INA’s, health care professionals and carers by providing the opportunity to not only learn more about their respective child’s challenges but also have the chance to meet and talk with others who may be dealing with similar circumstances.

And so it was, that last week we were able to arrange a ‘drop-in morning’ and a training day, on consecutive days! We opened our doors for all to come and visit and to learn about what our sensory integration therapy can do. All of our OT’s were on hand to talk to and lend advice, we urged our visitors to step into our sensory integration therapy room and explore the array of specialist equipment provided by Rompa. Just a few of the items on display included the Bolster Swing, the Flexion Disc Swing, the Scooter Board, Weighted Vests, Spinning Cones, Knobbly Rolls and much, much more! For many of our visitors it was the first time they had been introduced to such apparatus and provided a much clearer indication of how the equipment works in relation to a child’s needs. Invaluable information for both parents and professionals.

Our training event focused ‘supporting children with Sensory Processing Difficulties’. Some children have difficulty “behaving appropriately” as their brain does not send their senses the correct messages. These children may have Autistic Spectrum Disorder, ADHD or other learning difficulties. Those attending the event gained a better understanding of sensory processing, how to recognise children with sensory processing difficulties and how to support them in the classroom and at home.

An array of sensory toys were handed out to each of the attendees, items such as Massage Tubes, Vibration Pillows, Knot Balls, Spiky Balls, Squeezies etc. all of which were evaluated to understand how to use them as a strategy to support a child. Examples of sensory strategies were provided, involving movement, touch and deep pressure and how different items of equipment could be used together. For example, placing a weighted blanket on top of a child lying on a Walrus mattress.

All in all, both days were a fantastic success and we were delighted that we were able to reach out to so many people, both from the home and school environment. The majority of our feedback commented on how fantastic it was to be able to meet and talk to others who are experiencing similar situations. This has convinced us that it is vital that we continue to provide this platform for people and we will be arranging similar events on a regular basis in the future. For more information about what Jigsaw OT can do for your child, please contact me at [email protected].

Thank You!

Jigsaw Occupational Therapy

Today we welcome a blog contribution from Dominic Simpson of Jigsaw Occupational Therapy.

Jigsaw Occupational Therapy is a specialist provider for childrenJigsaw Occupational Therapy and young people living in the South East of England. We work with children and young people experiencing a wide array of profound and multiple disabilities. Some of these conditions include cerebral palsy, autism and Asperger’s, sensory processing disorders, acquired brain injuries, motor coordination difficulties and learning disabilities.

Jigsaw OT was founded in 2010, by Vicky Ruffle, in order to offer more effective and personalised assessments and therapy specifically designed around each individual child and young person’s needs, in addition to providing assistance and training to school staff, parents and carers. Jigsaw OT has two additional occupational therapists (Mel Campbell and Kaye Johnson) and each of our OT’s are trained sensory integration practitioners too and advanced sensory integration therapy level or up to level 3.

Jigsaw Sensory Integration

We have just opened a dedicated assessment and sensory integration therapy centre, the first and only one of it’s kind in Sussex. We are also working closely with local schools in the mid-sussex area, maximising children’s access to education and social inclusion.

Our new therapy room is filled to the brim with Rompa equipment and resources but the most popular Rompa equipment that the children have just loved, have been the Beano Swing, Southpaw Large Inflatable Barrel and of course the fantastic Soft Play Super Set. In fact, we’ve seen some great activities involving all three items at once! One recent task was to use the Beano Swing to knock down a tower made from the Soft Play Super Set, aiding a child seeking ‘crash and bump’ sensation and then also using the Beano Swing to drop down into the up-turned barrel helping motor planning and body awareness.

We are planning an open day on the 17th June, where we will open the doors of the centre to anyone who would be interested in visiting us to view our facilities, chat to our occupational therapists and learn more about what Jigsaw OT can offer.

For more information please visit http://www.jigsaw-ot.co.uk/news-events/2014/4/29/jigsaw-ot-opening-day.

Rompa Award Leads to Sensory Integration Expansion Within OT Services

Samantha Shard received the 2013 Rompa Quality of Life Award. The aim of this project was to develop occupational therapy services for school aged children who have a diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder (ASD). The project focused on sensory processing difficulties, considering both modulation and praxis in children aged four to seven year olds, who were current patients of the OT service within Bassetlaw Health Partnership (Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust).


Sensory Integration Equipment

A therapist with sensory integration training and a technical instructor held weekly sensory integration sessions over eight to twelve weeks. The main aim of this was to support attention skills as a foundation for learning and to identify and address motor planning difficulties impacting on occupational performance.The Rompa award supported an OT to complete the Sensory Integration Module two/three training through the Sensory Integration Network. The voucher funded essential resources required to enhance the sensory integration experience and encouraged the child to lead the planning of activities.

Goal attainment scaling was used to measure the effectiveness of attending these sessions and proved beneficial in capturing positive changes in the attention and tactile processing skills. This project has had a significant impact on the OT service within Bassetlaw Health Partnership. A successful outcome has highlighted the relevance of a sensory integration approach with different patient groups within the paediatric service.

As a direct a direct result of this project, joint working has improved among allied health professionals and joint clinics are being explored with infants and toddlers. The profile of the service has also been raised dramatically together with an increase in other services/agencies understanding of what sensory integration is. The importance of sensory Sensory integration training within the occupational therapy service is being recognised and supported across of staff levels. Further sensory integration clinics are being planned to continue the ongoing development of this approach within the OT paediatric OT service.

First published in OT News, February 2014

The Autism Show – We’re doing something different this year.

Join Rompa for a unique experience, see Sensory Integration Therapy in action!

Mark Johns

Mark Johns

For the first time in exhibition history a proper clinic setting will be showcased with Sensory Integration Therapy equipment and a sensory room. Parents, teachers and other professionals can gain insight into how this therapy facilitates improvement in sensory processing, development, learning and behaviour.

Experts from Hopscotch and Starjumpz will be giving live demonstrations of the treatment techinques used daily in practice and will give you an understanding of the versatility of the Rompa equipment and sensory rooms. See for yourself why children love Sensory Integration therapy.

Some treatment techniques and equipment can be used in the home and school environments, find out more about how this approach helps children with Autism.