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Advent House Sensory Room

The experience of sourcing and costing a sensory room for people with learning difficulties, physical and sensory impairments, autism and mental health needs is a tall order. Deciding on equipment is a minefield, do we need bubble tubes? Yes. Do we need soft furnishings? Yes. Do we need seating and bean bags? yes. Will it be safe? The ultimate question. When I was discussing a new service with the Jayne, the Responsible Individual, the sensory room was high on the wish list. What shall we buy? How much will it cost? What about people with autism, physical needs, sensory needs? Jayne and I are both from a nursing background in the learning disability field we had both worked with ROMPA® products before so after a look at the catalogue and seeing a plethora of equipment we were both undecided about the amount of equipment we would need to fill the space we had.

We phoned ROMPA® and arranged a meeting where we could look and try the equipment and experience what our service users would. We were greeted by friendly knowledgeable staff who showed off their equipment. What a truly fantastic experience it was, we were introduced to Sensory Magic. The company showed off and championed this equipment – and why not it is truly a magical piece of kit. I can remember coming out of the experience “buzzing” and daring to ask if we could afford this unique, quality piece of kit.  After negotiations with the Directors we were told to look into the next steps of costing and measuring up. The ROMPA® team came up to our house whilst it was being built, took specifications, liaised with the building team and developed a blue print of the sensory room along with a 3D drawing of what it would look like when it was completed. The 3D picture was stuck on the door of the sensory room and whilst commissioning I explained to people who were interested in placing service users with us that “this is what it will look like when it’s finished”

When the electrics and the tracking and hoists were in place the technical team from ROMPA® came and fitted all the equipment we had asked for, stayed and showed us how to use it and gave us the confidence to work with the system utilising it to the max. For the first week or so the room got used at every opportunity and I introduced it to other Managers who I work alongside – I thought that maybe there would be a decline in it’s use after the initial novelty period. How wrong I was! Other homes started to book time in to use it and we started to have events where we could use the sensory room for multiple uses for multiple service users.

The upshot of this is that we have a quality piece of equipment that has multiple uses, is safe, is suitable for many different service users, is adaptable, can be upgraded, has a technical support that is second to none (they can even solve problems from their base in Chesterfield whilst we are in Wakefield).

The feedback we have received is of admiration of the room and it’s equipment, not solely from the people who use it but from the support workers, families of service users, commissioners, people who come to do training at the service and the people who regulate us the C.Q.C. However, the feedback doesn’t just equate to people telling us what they think of the room, they keep coming back!

Richard Burton
Registered Manager

Another Happy Installations Customer…

We Received some wonderful feedback from another very happy customer:

‘It is with great pleasure that I am writing on behalf of all staff here at St Luke’s Trust, Berkshire.

We are a supported living home for adults with learning difficulties. We are currently having a sensory room fitted for a particular gentleman (work commenced Tuesday 29th October), and are due to have the room completed by tommorow (Thursday 31st).
Although they are still working, I would just like to take this opportunity to commend Sven and Pete who are working here at the moment. They have been some of the friendliest, most helpful workers we have had here. As you can understand, we have had many dealings with unsatisfactory workers/contractors etc. in the past, and based on this, it only further impresses us at their level of professionalism and kindness towards us all.

Please reiterate our sincerest thanks and respect for them both!! It has been a pleasure having them here with us!

On behalf of the Management and Staff Team,
St Luke’s Trust’

– Well done team!

For more information about how our design and installation service can help you contact us today on 01246 211 777 or email: [email protected]

Tom’s Room

Designer Gemma Cooke and Mike Brooke reflect on what has become known simply as “Tom’s Room”.

Gemma Cooke

Gemma Cooke

“A recent project that became close to my heart was the design and installation of a sensory room and soft play area for a family in Southampton. The soft play and sensory space were created for Tom and his brother Ollie. The design was fully customised for Tom and the family’s needs, and included the construction of a large sensory cabin. I was fortunate enough to meet Tom’s parents and his occupational therapist during the design process, this was extremely beneficial and ensured the space was functional, effective and everything Tom needed.”

“The room has now been installed and we have received photos of the room in use. I recently had the oportunity to meet Tom and Ollie and see them enjoying their new room, it’s the best part of the job.”

Mike Brooke

Mike Brooke

“Meeting Tom and his family had a profound and positive effect on me. Tom taught me something incredibly important. To see the person and not the disability. To work for a company where I have the resources and support to make such a positive impact on a family’s life keeps me driven and motivated.”

“Last week I had the privilege to return to Tom’s house and witness both Tom and his brother Ollie using the room. It’s a day that will live long in my memory. Especially the moment when Ollie said “I’m so glad you built this room, I love it so much. Thank you.”

Sensory Room Designs for the Lacey A Collier Sensory Complex

Following on from the success of our first set of meetings with the Lacey A Collier Sensory Complex I was delighted to be invited back along with to present our room designs.

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Mike with the the staff of the Lacey A Collier Sensory Complex
Mike with the the staff of the Lacey A Collier Sensory Complex

 Our remit was as follows; To improve the sensory rooms without changing their much loved core themes and values, after many team consultations we feel we achieved the perfect balance.

We are confident that these new designs will leave them inspired, excited and will have the maximum benefit for the children who use them. I am delighted to say that the management and staff at the centre were impressed with our designs and are now looking to move forward with us.

This is going to involve several more trips to Pensacola and we will of course keep the blog updated.