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Mike Delivers a Tactile Pyramid to Gully’s Place

Today I had the pleasure of representing Rompa at Gully’s place. Gully’s place provide palliative care for children and their families. Whilst there I met William (3) who has cancer, his big brother Gary (6) and Marion who is a sister on the ward.

We’re delighted that we could contribute to fund raising efforts of Gully’s Place by donating the tactile pyramid you can see in the photo. William absolutely loved it and got stuck straight into exploring it.

Mike at Gully's Place

Marion, William and Gary with Mike at Gullys’s Place

Gully’s place have a satellite site called Julia’s hospice who also now have an end of life suite and are interested in a sensory room. Plus Dorchester hospital are about to open a Gully’s place of their own which will also require an additional sensory room.

Gully’s Place have done a magnificent job of raising funds for their sensory room, including having plucky volunteers jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane to raise money for the ward. Well done to everyone who contributed their time and money to this wonderful facility.