The Autism Show – We’re doing something different this year.

Join Rompa for a unique experience, see Sensory Integration Therapy in action!

Mark Johns

Mark Johns

For the first time in exhibition history a proper clinic setting will be showcased with Sensory Integration Therapy equipment and a sensory room. Parents, teachers and other professionals can gain insight into how this therapy facilitates improvement in sensory processing, development, learning and behaviour.

Experts from Hopscotch and Starjumpz will be giving live demonstrations of the treatment techinques used daily in practice and will give you an understanding of the versatility of the Rompa equipment and sensory rooms. See for yourself why children love Sensory Integration therapy.

Some treatment techniques and equipment can be used in the home and school environments, find out more about how this approach helps children with Autism.

Mark Johns

About Mark Johns

Mark is Rompa’s Senior Projects Manager. When he is not busy chasing new opportunities you will find him walking in the Peak District or fishing in local rivers.

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