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Dan Casey

Dan Casey

Oh how times advance. This will probably be the least interesting post you will read on here… But, please indulge my sense of excitement, as now the Rompa team can blog on the go.

From Dudley to the Dominican Republic (see pictures), the news will be flowing thick and fast, keeping everyone abreast of some of the great things we are doing around the world.

So get involved, share with friends and ask say to your hearts content. Though if you are a (fake) North African banker who has had $10 million sat waiting in your account with our name on it. We prefer it if you emailed spam@rompa.com.

Dan Casey

About Dan Casey

Dan is our Marketing Manager. When he’s not busy working on marketing campaigns, co-ordinating the sales reps or bugging our web designer you can catch Dan learning to play ice hockey, chasing after his wife’s horses or chasing their child around the house! Google +

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