Rompa Bubble Wall

A new and exciting addition to our product range is the Rompa Bubble Wall. The Bubble Wall is a wonderful element for any sensory room, in a darkened environment it will bath the surrounding area in the full spectrum of colours and produces a gentle purring sound. The Rompa Bubble Wall can be set to cycle through its extensive colour range or can be connected to Sensory Magic or one of Rompa's many wireless controllers, allowing the end user to customise their environment and their experience.

The Rompa Bubble Wall is perfect for a multi sensory environment, connecting with the user on both a visual and auditory level.

The Rompa Bubble Wall

  • Appealing visual effect
  • Offers the full spectrum of colours
  • Soothing purring sound
  • Easy to fill and empty
  • LED lights last for 100,000s of hours
  • Low power consumption
  • Low heat output

Compatible with the following products