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Fun, interactive, good exercise and really addictive! "Strike" the light pod as it illuminates as quickly as possible. Features different games an...

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Fun, interactive, good exercise and really addictive! "Strike" the light pod as it illuminates as quickly as possible. Features different games and can be tailored to ability. A noise reward is sounded when "hit" and the light goes out. Use the palm of a hand, weighted balls, boxing gloves or throw balls at the targets - all provide opportunities to adjust according to need.

Enables people to use different heavier/bigger/smaller objects grading up/down grips and weights to target need. Great for core/balance, the wall uses a range of muscle groups depending on use it encourages standing, bending, reaching, stretching, gripping and throwing. CardioWall records and displays current score to enable assessment and records of progress. Accessible, to seated and standing users.

Extremely robust to withstand vigorous and repetitive play. Smaller version has 5 light pods; the larger has 9.

Please specify the orientation of the wall when ordering portrait or landscape

Please note there is a 4 week lead time on this item. Requires installation by a suitably qualified and experienced engineer.

The CardioWalls have been among the best-used pieces of equipment in the functional fitness area. They have really brought that part of the gym to life and made it more inclusive. They're popular with people of all ages and abilities providing a motivating and accessible alternative to structured exercise machines. We've used them with everyone from our older members to school children, from people who just want to improve their fitness to people with disabilities or with specific health needs, such as cardiac rehabilitation.

Neil Talbot
Gym Manager, Plymouth YMCA

The CardioWall particularly lends itself to an ‘open play PE where the lessons are very much structured around what really gets the students attention. We find it to be highly accessible as both a learning and an exercise / fitness tool. The majority of our diverse ability groups can enjoy and benefit from using the CardioWall, and the score capture facility enables us to measure their progress particularly easily.

Karen Erikson
Director of Specialism
Arbour Vale Specialist Sports College

As a wheelchair athlete, Ive been looking for something like the CardioWall for years! Its brilliant for improving my general fitness and my hand-eye coordination, and at the same time it improves my core strength and balance plus its brilliant fun. I just love it!

Martin Lane
Welsh Wheelchair Rugby International

Its amazing kids of all ages seem to pick it up in no time, without any instruction. And whats great is they can play the CardioWall with a friend, a parent or just on their own. Its proper exercise but they dont realise it!"

Play Centre Manager, Bristol

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Dimensions 210W x 122H x 5.5cmD
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