Football Puzzles - Set of 3
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Football Puzzles - Set of 3
  • Intended for men as a shared activity to maintain social contact and memory functions.
  • Helps maintain certain cognitive abilities and prompt conversation about favourite teams, local sporting histories and football-related nostalgia.
  • Since men often find adapting to change more difficult than women (e.g. moving into a care-setting or joining a day centre), this is a great ice-breaker.
  • These puzzles can be used to relieve boredom and reduces listlessness
  • Each age-appropriate puzzle has the shape of a football, but with differing levels of difficulty 3, 8 and 16 pieces.
  • Includes a sturdy wooden box.
  • Longer-lasting than traditional cardboard puzzles.
  • Foam pieces are chunky, easy to grip and wipeable.
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