Sensory Integration from ROMPA

Sensory Integration from Rompa®

Balancing incoming sensory and environmental information is easy enough for most of us, most of the time. Through integrating and organising the senses of vision, touch, movement, muscle sense, hearing, taste, and smell, we are able to interact comfortably and efficiently in work, play, and in caring for ourselves and others. This automatic and subconscious ability to process and respond to such information is called Sensory Integration.

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People with special needs and learning disabilities often have Sensory Integration Dysfunction, or problems with Sensory processing. These problems influence their interaction with and response to others and the world around them, resulting in over or under responsiveness.

People with Sensory Integration Dysfunction often have difficulty interacting and struggle to make friends. They may have low self esteem, motor skills problems and poor spatial and bodily awareness.

ROMPA® offers a wide range of Sensory Integration resources for everyone, including options for the home and classroom. Your Sensory Integration favourites - swings, suspension systems, safety accessories, weighted vests and blankets are all available from ROMPA®.

Five reasons to choose Sensory Integration equipment from ROMPA®:

  1. Quality: Manufactured by respected companies with years of experience.
  2. Durability: Long lasting and robust, our Safety Snaps for example are made of steel - don’t be tempted by cheaper, poor quality aluminium alternatives!
  3. Safety: Solid, stable and secure, our Sensory Integration equipment can support significant working loads.
  4. Choice: Our extensive range offers therapists the ability to create a wide range of movements and developmental positions. We offer both permanent and temporary options including wooden swings for those needing more support and fabric swings for the tactile defensive.
  5. Versatility: We are both a designer and a manufacturer. Working closely with therapists for many years, our policy is one of continual product improvement and development.