Tunnels & Hideaways

All children love a den; an enclosed, private space where they feel safe. Rompa® Soft play tunnels and hideaways are a great way to satisfy their desire to hide. Our soft play hideaways come in a range of options from simple boxes to sparkling tunnels and self contained, engaging sensory spaces.

All our soft play products are constructed in the UK, using quality materials and phthalate free PVC.

Do you have a soft play project planned? Contact our installations team today and let Rompa® bring your soft play room to life.

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  1. Roller Tunnel by Rompa®
    Roller Tunnel by Rompa®
    As low as £1,139.94 £949.95
  2. High Platform With Tunnel
    High Platform With Tunnel
    As low as £1,079.94 £899.95
  3. Cube Tube by Rompa®
    Cube Tube by Rompa®
    As low as £718.80 £599.00
  4. Cabin by Rompa®
    Cabin by Rompa®
    As low as £2,034.00 £1,695.00
  5. Illuminated Cabin by Rompa®
    Illuminated Cabin by Rompa®
    As low as £2,274.00 £1,895.00
  6. Tactile Tunnel
    Tactile Tunnel
    As low as £1,798.80 £1,499.00
  7. Sparkling Tunnel
    Sparkling Tunnel
    As low as £1,620.00 £1,350.00
  8. Deluxe Wi Fi Cabin by Rompa®
    Deluxe Wi Fi Cabin by Rompa®
    As low as £2,394.00 £1,995.00
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