Z-Vibe® - Royal Blue
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Z-Vibe® - Royal Blue

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A sensory oral motor tool that vibrates. Intended for oral motor exercises and sensory stimulation. Use it to provide input to the lips, tongue, cheeks and jaw. This tactile input may help increase oral awareness and tone, decrease oral defensiveness, encourage texture acceptance and improve a variety of speech, feeding and sensory skills. The lightweight handle has gentle bumps for a non-slip grip. Battery and a Probe Tip included.

Z-Vibe® & Z-Grabber™
Most people are either auditory or visual learners, but sometimes these senses are not enough and we need to consider the sense of touch. Speech and Language Therapists have been trained to use tactile input to teach clients how to lateralise their tongue, elevate their tongue tip, make a tongue bowl, close their lips, learn a rotary chew, position the articulators for sound production and other oral motor skills. Vibration provides a new level of sensory stimulation to increase awareness and to draw more acute attention to the articulators. Vibration can also be calming and organizing.
All these products are lead-, latex-, PVC-, BPA- and phthalate-free, and are for supervised use under the guidance of a therapist or trained carer. Change the Tips for work on speech and feeding skills. All Tips require a Z-Vibe® or Z-Grabber™. The Soft options are made from a softer, more resilient material for those with a bite reflex and/or sensory issues.

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