Rompa Ultraviolet-UV 'Go With The Glow' Kit

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Why get UV products? 

Sensory Stimulation: UV-reactive toys often emit vibrant colours and bright lights under ultraviolet (UV) light. These visual stimuli can provide sensory stimulation and engage individuals with sensory processing difficulties or sensory impairments. They can enhance visual perception, promote focus, and encourage exploration.

Visual Tracking and Attention: The vivid and contrasting colours of UV-reactive toys can attract attention and support visual tracking skills. This can be particularly helpful for individuals with visual impairments or those who struggle with visual tracking abilities. UV-reactive toys can facilitate the development of eye-hand coordination and improve visual attention.

Encourages Exploration and Play: UV-reactive toys can inspire curiosity and encourage exploration. The unique and interactive properties of these toys can motivate individuals with disabilities to engage in play, fostering fine and gross motor skills, problem-solving abilities, and imaginative thinking.

Inclusive Play Opportunities: UV-reactive toys can create inclusive play environments by offering multisensory experiences that are enjoyable for children of different abilities. They can be used in group settings or inclusive classrooms, promoting social interaction and peer engagement among children with diverse needs.

Therapeutic Benefits: UV-reactive toys can be used as therapeutic tools in occupational therapy or sensory integration sessions. The visual stimulation they provide can support sensory integration, cognitive development, and motor planning. UV-reactive toys can be incorporated into various therapeutic activities, such as tracking games, visual tracking exercises, or hand-eye coordination tasks.

Enhances Visual Perception Skills: UV-reactive toys can help improve visual discrimination, visual tracking, and visual memory skills. These skills are important for tasks such as reading, writing, and daily activities. By engaging with UV-reactive toys, individuals can enhance their visual perception abilities, which may positively impact their overall learning and development.

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