Laser Sphere Projector
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Mesmerising moving and colour changing light effects.

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Mesmerising moving and colour changing light effects.

Remove the frosted top and beautiful effects are projected onto your wall.

Tiltable so angle can be adjusted.

Good value.

Includes low voltage adapter.

‘The girls asked me to give them the Laser Sphere Projector, they were so happy and pleased the next morning! They were full of emotions! They said that it was a magic and beautiful thing, they had never seen such a marvellous thing before. Even those in the ward, who wanted to sleep, were trying not to fall asleep and got pleasure from the projector. In the morning they again switched on the projector and got wonderful emotions to start the day. There were so many happy faces, the children’s and their mums’! Morning is not a good time for our patients as many of them don’t feel well and some of them have to have unpleasant treatment … but that morning when I entered the ward I met all of them full of life and vigour. Can you imagine how much happiness the projector brought to the children. Thank you very much’.

Elena Klochko
Psychologist at the Children’s Cancer Hospital, Minsk, Belarus

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Additional Information

Dimensions 13L x 10.5W x 14cmH
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