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Look to Learn Eye Gaze Training Software

Look to Learn is a software package with 40 activities designed for adults and children starting out with eye gaze technology. These activities have been specially created to provide a fun way to improve access and choice making skills.

Each activity develops a different skill, ranging from early cause and effect through to accurate eye gaze control. Most of all, Look to Learn is designed to be motivating and fun!

Try it Now!

The Look to Learn from Sensory Software can be downloaded from here. Once downloaded, you will be able to access three of the activities for free; to access all 40 activities you will need to purchase the software.

Five Areas of Learning

The 40 Look to Learn activities have been split into five key areas of learning and development:

Look to Learn, Sensory

Sensory Teaches cause and effect

Look to Learn, Explore

Explore Encourages engagement with the whole screen

Look to Learn, Target

Target Helps improve accuracy of eye gaze access

Look to Learn, Choose

Choose Develops choice making skills

Look to Learn, Control

Control – Improve eye control


Look to Learn provides a progression from early cause and effect activities right through to choice making and game playing. This process develops the eye gaze skills required for alternative communication, literacy development and computer access.

Customized for You!

Many of the activities can be customized to include favorite images or videos. Get creative and have some fun!


Look to Learn has been created in conjunction with teachers and therapists from across the UK to provide the tools needed for assessment:

  • Eye tracking where on the screen are you looking? Are you engaged with the content?
  • Targeting learning to find targets and fix your gaze on it.
  • Choice making introducing early choice making in preparation for AAC.


The built-in analysis tool creates a heat map to show where you have looked on the screen during an activity. Heat maps can be saved, printed and used to measure progress and record successes.

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