Sensory Magic

Taking the sensory experience to a new dimension...

Sensory Magic is the ultimate multi-sensory experience. Create your own fully immersive themes and settings to match the taste of the person using it in minutes. Sensory Magic can be used for Education, Stimulation and Relaxation making it versatile to match your needs.

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As Sensory Magic provides the user the capability to create your own their own themes, the potential uses in educational settings are limitless.

  • Teach using sound, imagery (still and moving) and colour to create word and colour association
  • Create themes to explain a process.
  • Teach the curriculum in a new and exciting way using this immersive technology
  • Reflect the users interests with media and colour- this could be trains or a popstar it is really versatile.


As the Sensory Magic experience can be customised to suit individual needs, sensory sensitivity can be provided for...

  • Images can be selected to be visually stimulating, including different levels of pattern and motion, or on the flipside the experience could be visually plain and static.
  • Sounds and music can be chosen according to individual tastes, and the volume adjusted to please even the most sensitive of ears.
  • Lighting levels can be strictly controlled, and smells introduced gradually, as required, as tolerance grows.

Relax / Reduce Anxiety...

Sensory Magic offers the individual a safe sensory environment which is structured and predictable. The sensory room can be set according to each individual’s needs and preferences, so that each and every time the experience is identical, providing continuity and stability. In this way, anxiety levels are kept to a minimum. The MSE can be subtly and slowly altered over time to introduce new colours, images and sounds at the individual’s own pace.

A key function of Sensory Magic is its potential to alter an individual’s mood through the use of colour, light, sound, and stimulating visual images. Individuals can be immersed in a virtual reality experience honed to their own needs and preferences. Individuals can be calmed by images and sounds from nature, relaxing classical or meditation style music, or distracted by humorous videos of swimming goldfish or apparently pondering pigeons – with the ability to create your own themes, the possibilities and choices are infinite.

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