Haley's Joy

Humble Beginnings - Haley's Story

Haley was a little girl who experienced challenges in centering herself and focusing on tasks in order to learn and thrive. Her parents searched for the best way they could be involved in the development of their precious child. They discovered Floortime* therapy and quickly read up on how to engage Haley in this way. The first challenge they encountered was gaining her interest and attention during these interventions. With great delight, they discovered that Haley’s first experience on a vestibular swing proved to be exactly what she needed, and it became her most beneficial tool.

Size 1 Frame and Accessories

Haley's grandfather, an engineer by trade, designed and built her a portable vestibular swing.  This swing could be moved to any room in which Haley wanted to spend time.  Wherever Haley wanted to receive therapy, the swing followed.  For three years, the swing became the tool that engaged Haley into developmental exercises.  Haley's parents partnered with their therapist in “homework,” using the swing to facilitate additional development in the home.  Haley’s mother would engage her to do several simple tasks each day with the aid of the swing.

Size 2 Frame and Accessories

Haley would complete puzzles, string beads, study cards, read books, and enjoy many more activities while on the swing.  The swing stimulated her to the point that she could focus on the task at hand.  The family believes that the swing was an essential tool in Haley’s development.  And, for Haley it brought something else so important – pure joy.

Size 3 Frame and Accessories

From such a humble yet significant beginning, it brings us tremendous joy to provide the swing designed by Haley’s grandfather to children everywhere.  We look forward to helping the child in your care experience the benefits that Haley and her parents found with these special vestibular therapy products.

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