Celebrating World Autism Acceptance Week and the impact of Snoezelen® rooms on Autism

World Autism Acceptance Week, which occurs from April 2nd until April 8th, is not just about bringing attention and acknowledging that autism exists; it is about creating a culture of acceptance and understanding for as many people as possible.

It brings a great emphasis on celebrating neurodiversity and being an advocate for inclusion with autistic people in all aspects of life — whether that be their rights, well-being, or understanding.

Through extensive research, we have made it our mission to bring life-changing sensory solutions for all, whilst advocating for neurodiversity in our work.

This is a perfect opportunity to celebrate neurodiversity and spread positivity.

There are many ways to participate in World Autism Acceptance Week and show your support for individuals on the autism spectrum:
  • Learn more about autism spectrum disorders, including the challenges individuals may face and the strengths they possess.

  • Listen to the experiences and perspectives of individuals with autism and amplify their voices by sharing their stories and advocating for their rights. Our blog page highlighting autism and people's experiences can be read here.

  • Create environments in your workplace, school, or community by promoting acceptance and understanding of neurodiversity —  be inclusive!

  • Challenge the stigmas! Autism Acceptance Week provides an opportunity to challenge misconceptions and stigmas surrounding autism, fostering a more informed and accepting society.

The positive impacts of Snoezelen® Sensory Rooms for people with autism:
  1. Snoezelen® Rooms are vital in fostering communication among individuals with autism, offering a secure and nurturing space that enhances interaction and expression.

    One of our clients at Let's Verbalise highlighted the positive impacts that their Snoezelen® room brought to encourage communication in their therapy practice.

    'The new installation has maximised functional communication opportunities for our clients within their sessions. Clients are highly motivated to engage with all the equipment so we can focus on incorporating therapy targets into the interactions. We’re also able to share the space with friends and family of Let’s Verbalise who thoroughly enjoy spending time in such an incredible room.' — Hannah McDiarmid, Co-Director at Let's Verbalise.

  2. Snoezelen® rooms offer a variety of sensory experiences, including visual, auditory, tactile, and olfactory stimuli. These sensory inputs can spark curiosity and engagement, prompting individuals to communicate their preferences, reactions, and emotions. For instance, a person may express delight by smiling or laughing in response to a pleasant sensory stimulus.

  3. In Snoezelen® Sensory Rooms, individuals have the freedom to choose how they engage with the sensory stimuli available to them. This sense of autonomy and control over their environment empowers individuals to communicate their preferences and make decisions about their sensory experiences. For example, they may select specific sensory tools or activities based on their interests and comfort level, signalling their communication through their choices.

During World Autism Acceptance Week, let's keep in mind that it goes beyond acceptance; it entails embracing diversity and acknowledging the worth of each person, irrespective of their neurotype.

By championing acceptance, comprehension, and inclusivity, we pave the way for a world where everyone experiences value, respect, and the freedom to express their true selves. Let's join hands in celebrating neurodiversity and striving towards constructing a society that welcomes and embraces all individuals.

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