Aura Projector

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Aura Projector

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The perfect projector for the home. High quality, and an appropriate brightness for bedrooms (LED100 and LED Projectors are brighter for multi-sensory Snoezelen® environments). Features include:

  • Timer
  • Dimming control
  • LED so no bulb changes and no heat
  • Compatible with our extensive range of Magnetic Effect Wheels e.g. 22370
  • Includes a Liquid Wheel (cannot be specified)
  • Built in Wheel Rotator
  • 600 lumens
  • With an 85mm lens

Not compatible with the Panoramic Rotator, Distortion Wheel, Clip-on Prism or Multi-Facet Mirror

Projectors have been considered a key component of a multi-sensory environments for decades. The advent of digital projectors has brought more choices and options for the MSE. Analogue projectors such as the ROMPA® Rainbow Wi Fi Projector Saver Pack, LED100, LED Projector and Aura Projector have the following advantages over digital alternatives:

  • Digital projectors constantly update images using a series of flashes per second (hertz), causing an imperceptible flickering effect. Some users find this over-stimulating, distracting and sometimes irritating. For some users, analogue projectors provide a more soothing and calming experience
  • Analogue projectors provide a single light source and so sharper and more defined imagery
  • These analogue projectors and accessories have been designed specifically for MSEs and so are appropriate, practical and durable
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Dimensions 20 x 20 x 20cm
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London Brunel
Dementia UK - Improving quality of life
Research Autism - UK charity undertaking research into autism interventions
Sheffield Hallam University
Starjumpz - Children's Therapy Centre
SEN-SI Sensory Integration Therapy
Royal College of Occupational Therapists
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PAN - Parenting Additional Needs
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