Snoezelen multi-sensory environments are, by nature, relaxing spaces that help to reduce agitation and anxiety, but they can also engage and delight the user, stimulating reactions and encouraging communication.

A lack of choice and control is a frustrating reality for many people managing the effects of a range of conditions from sensory processing disorders such as autism, to brain injury and dementia. The Snoezelen sensory room seeks to hand back this sense of control and choice to a person by allowing them to explore and interact with their environment. At the flick of a switch or even through a gesture, a sensory room can transform from a calming and soothing place, to an exciting and engaging interactive space full of light and sound.

Are you Fundraising for a Snoezelen Sensory Room?

We know that fundraising takes time and commitment and encouraging stakeholders to buy into your project can be challenging. A Rompa 3D room design will allow you to share your vision in a visually impactful way and may help you to secure funding for your sensory room. You can see examples of our 3D sensory room designs further down this page (requires Flash Player plugin). You can find a list of organisations that can help fund your project here.

We know you have questions and our advisors can provide you with answers, examples and evidence to support the positive effects of Snoezelen Sensory Environments. Start your sensory journey today.

Sensory Room Installation Enquiry

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Shimering Curtain
Snoezelen® Corner
Musical Water Bed
Wall Panels
Talking Cube
Bubble Tubes
8 Colour Switch
Laser Sky Projector
Let Rompa bring your sensory room project to life with our sensory room design and installation service.
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3D Sensory Room

3D Sensory Room

3D Interactive Sensory Room

3D Calming Sensory Room

3D Soft Play

3D Soft Play

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Sensory Corner Kit
Sensory Rooms

London Brunel
Dementia UK - Improving quality of life
Research Autism - UK charity undertaking research into autism interventions
Sheffield Hallam University
Starjumpz - Children's Therapy Centre
SEN-SI Sensory Integration Therapy
Royal College of Occupational Therapists
Help For Heroes
PAN - Parenting Additional Needs
Kids in Sync
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