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A flexible alternative to a permanently-fixed system.

  • Truly immersive, responsive and rewarding for individuals and groups
  • Encourages movement and interaction by providing real-time audiovisual feedback by way of effects, object interactions and rewarding activities
  • Includes a wide variety of engaging app experiences designed for learning, therapy and play
  • Control avatars, interact with friends, control music and visual effects and much more
  • Any part of the body can be a controller making it simple to adapt for the needs of all participants
  • Supports full body interaction, with enhanced accessibility options to interact using eye gaze, touch, mouse, game controllers, voice control and switches
  • Launch apps and control the system with the controller app for Apple and Android devices
  • Customisable -  make your own apps with interactive objects and effects, video layers, voice control
  • Create accounts and keep track of user interaction with HD recordings of in-screen activity and watch back instantly




The following support documents are available:

A flexible alternative to the permanently fixed system. The size of the image projected on the wall depends on the distance that the unit is away from the wall (the further away, the bigger the image).

Imagine looking into a mirror and seeing yourself playing drums, splatting critters or tapping stars to change their colour and to make sounds. A movement of the hand or a flick of a finger can trigger any number of audio-visual events around you. Truly immersive, responsive, and rewarding. For individuals and groups. Fully customisable. ROMPA can install this for you please contact us for information.

Immersive and inclusive full-body interaction for learning, therapy, and play!

This projector helps to develop interaction and communication skills through creative multi-sensory gameplay. The software supports 6 players using full-body interaction with additional options for eye gaze, speech, switches, touch, game controllers, mouse, and keyboard inputs



Interaction Modes... offers a range of exciting interactions that help to make the system suitable for people of all abilities.

  1. Augmented reality - See yourself reflected in the video image with live camera mode displaying your real-time image and environment. Virtual objects and interactive content will appear around you augmenting the experience, interact to bring your surroundings to life.
  2. Inset - Inset mode is the same concept as green screen, only here there is no need for a green screen. Inset mode removes the background environment and places users into virtual play environments. This is great for removing clutter and helping users focus on the content and activity.
  3. Shadow - For those that do not like to see themselves in the videos image, Shadow mode helps to reduce anxiety by rendering the user image into the scene as a dark-filled shadow. Shadow mode also removes the background environment and place users into a virtual play environment.
  4. Avatar - Take control of on-screen avatars and watch the characters come to life with the movements you make. Open up a new world of Kinaesthetic fun in 3D space and explore spatial awareness, proprioception and enhance your ability to sense the position, location, orientation, and movement of the body and its parts.
  5. Facilitator Mode - When working with a single user it is possible to set Magic Mirror™ to only track one user. This means caregivers can appear in the scene to support a user without interacting with the content. All interaction will be attributable to the user.


  1. Everyone Interacts 
    The uniquely accessible system supports all modes of user interaction, from movement to eye gaze, touch, switch, speech, game controllers, and more. It also enables all participants to interact on equal terms.
  2. Support Physiotherapy
    Take the chore out of physio and design accessible interactive scenarios that allow participants to practice specific movements and exercises while experiencing a wide range of rewarding gameplay to help with focus and motivation.
  3. Environmental Control
    The game objects can control many aspects of the physical environment, like the colour of the lighting, fans, and other environmental effects. Interact and bring your environment to life!
  4. Learning Content
    It can support a wide range of accessible learning content and deliver personalised learning opportunities where content can be optimised for individual needs.
  5. Communication
    A new mode of interactive gameplay and allows people that used mixed access technologies to play and communicate together in fun activities. Create engaging communication apps and bring people together.
  6. Self Awareness
    Mirrors reflect us as individuals and help us develop a sense of self through exploration of our own movements and expressions, this helps us to become aware that we are separate from others. Magic Mirror provides many ways to explore a sense of self.


  1. 100s of Apps
    Wide range of fun and engaging content designed to stimulate and promote inclusive interaction using any of the supported access methods. Play with movement, eyes, touch, speech, switch, and more.
  2. Playlists / Schedules
    Create playlists and have the projector play them to the schedules you set. This means the system can auto-play scheduled playlists without the need for a facilitator. Particularly useful in hospital and waiting room settings.
  3. Favourites
    The home screen shows all of your favourite apps so you can run them easily without navigating. Simply start an app for it to appear on your home screen.
  4. Collections
    Group apps into your own custom collections and make it easy to retrieve personal favourites or apps designed for lessons or therapy sessions.
  5. Access Menu
    Useful off-screen access menu that enables switch and eye gaze settings to be changed while the games are running. This menu can also be controlled by speech.
  6. Remote Control
    Conveniently control all aspects of the projector remotely from the control app. Includes the ability to shut down the system.

Interactive Wall Projector Application
Control from your Android or Apple device and conveniently launch apps and activities, create your own apps, and set up playlists and schedules remotely. The app provides full control over your system including volume and shutdown.

App Builder, enhance engagement with personalised experiences.

  1. Inputs
    Setup eye-gaze input, assign switches, game controllers, speech commands, and keyboard inputs to deliver accessible interactive gameplay for all.
  2. Body Control Points
    Set collider points on any one of the 25 available body parts and allow users to interact using the body as a controller.
  3. Game Objects
    Add interactive images and animated gifs to appear in your activities and have them transform on interaction using easy to apply game logic.
  4. Voice and Switch Objects
    Call object images into the screen using voice commands and switches – say ‘dog’ and dog image appears in the screen – this is useful for aiding symbol and speech comprehension.
  5. Object Effects
    Add stunning particle effects, explosions and transitions to object interactions and keep people engaged with dynamic audio visual content.
  6. Camera Effects
    Enhance you activity designs with one of the stimulating full-screen camera effects like water ripple or a spooky film filter.
  7. Backgrounds
    Colours, images, videos, mask layers, live cameras and YouTube as background layers. Build up scenes with stunning graphics.
  8. Media Library
    Media Library with 100’s of stunning images, videos and sounds to use in your activity designs. Includes PCS Core Symbols from Tobii Dynavox.
  9. Record HD Videos
    Record user interaction in HD with in-screen game video showing how users interacted. Keep track of your sessions and use to inform levels of engagement.

Get a FREE demo - We provide demos via web meeting or in person. Contact us [email protected] or call us on 01246 211 777.

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