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Snoezelen® SurfPro™ is a super portable, interactive floor projection system that brings surfaces to life which fosters an inclusive play environment for people of all ages and abilities.

The interactive projection system displays motion-responsive games and activities on to floors, offering a wide variety of stimulating content that is suitable for multi-sensory exploration, play, learning, therapy and relaxation. Complete with a natural user Interface that removes many of the barriers people face when interacting in mixed-ability groups by offering a universally accessible interaction platform and enables everyone to participate on equal terms and helps to create an inclusive play environment.


The slightest movement over the projected image will cause an audiovisual effect response.


Allows multiple users to interact at the same time using a variety of different inputs, opening up a world of collaborative exploration and play.


The Projector’s applications offer dynamic physics capabilities allowing movements to interact with virtual objects in a realistic way.


It caters for a wide range of needs with applications designed for early stimulation, exploration and engagement. From simple coloured effects to realistic fish ponds, quizzes and games, the Projector provides variable stimulation levels for the needs of a wide range of people.


Participants use their limbs and body to interact with the content, helping to enhance their sense of movement while shifting position, orientation and reaching out to interact with game objects.It is designed to get people moving and exploring their environment in a safe way.


Why choose this Mobile Interactive Floor Projector?


Everyone Plays - providing an inclusive play experience for people of all ages and abilities.

Adjustable projection height - the system unit height can be adjusted to create a larger or smaller active play projection area which also allows the projection to be displated onto table top surfaces.

Versatile - The breadth of content makes it suitable for schools, hospitals, care settings, day services, play centres & more!

Multi-Sensory - The system also responds to objects, so you can use tactile objects to enhance the experience.

Accessible Format - Turns any surface into an engaging interactive experience. Project on to floors, tables, beds, wheelchair trays and more.

Creativity - Unleash your creativity. Input your own images, artwork, music and photos to create highly personalised activities for education, therapy and play!

Hygienic & Safe - In hospitals and environments where minimising infection risks is essential, it is the perfect inclusive play solution that helps to keep communal play spaces safe and clean.


What are the software features?


Game affects including Quiz, Scatter, Splat, Water, Wipe, Zones and Trails + 4 optional game affects. Ball games, Catch, Double splat and Quiz Pro.

Create new and edit existing activities.

Library of media to choose from to edit activities and to use when creating new activities.

Ability to import custom media to then use when editing or creating an activity.

Categories of apps that are organised into folders.

Playlists / Schedules Auto play- Run and launch apps without the need for an operator.

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